•Round all molar masses to the nearest TENTH (one decimal place) •SF6 • 32.1 + 6(19.0) = 146.1 g/mol •C2H5OH • 2(12.0) + 6(1.0) + 16.0 = 46.0 g/mol •H2SO4 • 2(1.0) + 32.1 + 4(16.0) = 98.1 g/mol •Cu(NO3)2 • 63.5 + 2(14.0) + 6(16.0) = 187.5 g/mol •Iron II sulfate trihydrate
In a binomial distribution the mean is found using the formula mean = n times p. The standard deviaton is the square root of the variance. The binomial variance formula is var = n times p times (1-p).

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Six classrooms lost electricity this morning for 47 minutes. Determine the percent of an hour that the classrooms were without electricity. Use a percent model to make your calculations, rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent. Type a numerical answer in the space provided. Do not include a % sign or spaces in your answer.
, What is 14.569 in expanded notation ?, What is 40.25 rounded to the nearest tenth ?, What is 254. 75 in expanded notation ?, What is 745.823 rounded to the nearest hundredth ? , What is 1. 795 rounded to the nearest hundredth ?

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Sep 21, 2014 · Rounding numbers 1. Complete the table by rounding each number to the value shown. Number. To the nearest 10. To the nearest 100. To the nearest 1000. 4770 3460. 4800 3500. 5000 3000. 7654. 8880 ...
‘Cairo’ is a purple-headed cabbage with a perfectly round ... November 2012 24.9/0.98 8.1 26.9 ... Monthly mean values have been rounded up to the nearest tenth.

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The Dow Jones U.S. Select Real Estate Securities Index is designed to measure the performance of publicly traded real estate securities. The index is designed to serve as a proxy for direct real estate investment, in part by excluding companies whose performance may be driven by factors other than the value of real estate.

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While we may never know this true value exactly, we attempt to find this ideal quantity to the best of our ability with the time and resources available. As we make measurements by different methods, or even when making multiple measurements using the same method, we may obtain slightly different results.
Total Depth Percent is calculated as the total depth divided by the average diameter, expressed to the nearest tenth of a percentage (0.1%). Girdle Thickness is a verbal description of the range from thinnest to thickest for the “valley” areas of the girdle.

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Тренировочный вариант ЕГЭ по английскому языку №5. Тренировочный вариант состоит из 31 задания (№10-40). The building of its Moscow headquarters was granted to the company by the tsar in 1556 and can be still visited at 4, Varvarka Street, known to us now as The Old English Court.
Aug 11, 2005 · [Caution: apparently there are thermometers out there that appear to display to the nearest tenth, but actually round to even tenths only (98.0, 98.2, 98.4…etc) which is not accurate enough.] The nicest BBT thermometers have a lighted display and memory. When you turn them on they display the last temperature taken.

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Numerals function as nouns and adjectives. In a sentence, a numeral can serve as a subject, attribute, object, predicative complement, or adverbial modifier. Ten students took part in the competition. Three of them received awards. Twenty cars were sold on the first day.
Nothing fancy; just drew a round-corner box, a couple of nearly circular ellipses (made them slightly flat for more overlap) typed some text and did a little manipulation with select and erase and so on. $\endgroup$ – Glen_b Nov 11 '15 at 3:04

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• Round to nearest standard value: 9.1M (Note: I didn't have a 9.1M, so I used 10M. 10M is also close.) The best base resistor value will allow a no-signal output voltage of about half the power supply voltage. A bit more than that is even better. Our one-stager has an input impedance of 1.4 megohm.
Round answer to the nearest tenth. n = 6776; p = 0.7 Group of answer choices a) μ = 473.2 b) μ = 4743.2 c) μ = 474.05 d) μ = 474.9 Standard Deviation for Binomial Distribution Find the standard deviation for the binomial distribution which has the stated values of n and p.

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Homework #6 Solution. Fall 2000, IE 230 4. A popular gambling-casino game is Keno. On a sheet of paper, eighty rectangles, arranged in an 8 ×10 array, are numbered 1 through 80, with numbers 1 through 10 in the
Estimate. Round to the nearest whole number. 11.08 x 17.32 Estimate. Round to the nearest tenth number. 18.88 + 11.89 The rainfall for the last three months of school was 8. I inches, 4.2 inches, and 0.33 inch. Es rainfall for the three months by rounding to the nearest whole number.

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Title: Math Activities Grade 5, Week 1 Author: hand2mind Subject: Decimals and Fractions Keywords: Math Math Activities Grade 5 Fifth Grade Week 1 Fifth Grade Math Grade 5 Math Fifth Grade Math Lesson Grade 5 Math Lesson Math Activities for Kids Math Online Online Math Activities Online Math Activities for 5th Grade Decimals and Fractions Fractions Adding and Subtracting Decimals Multiplying ...
Round to the nearest hundredth. 44. Find h in the parallelogram. 45. Find the area of ŒQ in terms of p. 46. A store sells circular rugs in three different sizes. The rugs come in diameters of 8 ft, 12 ft, and 16 ft. Find the areas of the three different sizes of rugs. Use 3.14 for p and round answers to the nearest tenth.
Following quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to Rounding to Tens or Hundreds. You will have to read all the given answers and click over the correct answer. If you are not sure about the answer then you can check the answer using Show Answer button. You can use Next Quiz button...
Convert the measurement in mm to inches by dividing the value by 25.4, and rounding the outcome to two decimal digits (those will be our significant figures): (5 / 6 m) / 25.4 = 32.81 in. Our precision is 1 / 32 ". Multiply the value above by 32: 32.81 in * 32 = 1049.92 in. Round the outcome to the nearest whole number, 1050 in.
★★★ Correct answer to the question: Use the information in the tables to determine whether the solution of the salt formed from the given acid + base combinations will be acidic, basic, or neutral.

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Problem 9.14 locate the centroid y of the area. (figure 1)

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